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If you joined Toronto Rainbowlers for the 2020 season, you can renew your membership for 2021 here or update your password, privacy settings, club roster profile, and contact information. If you’re a new member, register for 2021 here.

Interested in our monthly membership option? It will be available starting May 8.


Monthly memberships are coming back!

Our popular monthly membership gives bowlers flexibility and convenience. It’s a great option for cottagers who spend a month at the lake, teachers who bowl after the school year ends, and anyone who doesn’t plan to bowl right to the end of the season. Here’s how it works:

  • Monthly memberships are $50 for a full month of bowling. Monthly memberships are only payable with a credit card.
  • After a month, your credit card will be automatically billed for your next month of bowling—to a maximum of $200 for the season.
  • Cancel your monthly membership anytime. You’ll only be billed to the end of your current month.
  • Restart your membership again any time.

For example, if you start your monthly membership on May 15th, you’ll pay $50 to bowl for a month. On June 15th, your credit card will be automatically billed again, so you can bowl for another month. Then, if you cancel before July 15th, your card won’t be billed again. When you want to start bowling again, just renew your monthly membership.

2021 monthly memberships will be available starting on opening day, Saturday May 8.

If you’ve signed up for a monthly membership, you may cancel it by logging in to the Manage Your Membership page.

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The Clubhouse

525 Cosburn Ave.
East York, ON
M4J 4Y7

You’ll find us at the club on Wednesday evenings between mid-May and mid-September. Our games start at 7 p.m. Drop by!

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