Book a rink

Deliver your bowls

You can bowl on your own or with another member:
Monday: mornings and afternoons
Tuesday and Wednesday: mornings and evenings
Thursday: mornings, afternoons, and evenings
Saturday: afternoons

Members must book a rink in advance for practice sessions. You can’t just show up to practise, even if the club is not busy.

  1. Only current members who have signed the OLBA waiver may use a rink.
  2. In Phase 1 of our reopening, practice only on separate rinks.
  3. Members may not bring guests to the club at this time.
  4. No spectators.
  5. Bring a mask to wear in the common areas of the club.
  6. Booking closes approximately 16 hours before each time slot. For a morning session, you’ll have to book the afternoon before.

When you arrive at the club, you’ll be required to sign a COVID-19 Declaration. (You may print your own blank declaration in advance.) You’ll find many other changes at the club, all intended to keep our members safe and healthy.

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The Clubhouse

525 Cosburn Ave.
East York, ON
M4J 4Y7

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