Book a rink

Book a spot in a jitney or a rink for a game

You can bowl on your own or with other members. Rinks are available:
Monday: mornings and afternoons
Tuesday and Wednesday: mornings
Thursday: mornings and evenings
Saturday: afternoons

Jitneys are starting! Book a spot:
Tuesday Evening Jitney
Rainbowlers Wednesday Evening Jitney
Thursday Afternoon Jitney

Jitney spaces are limited, so you must book a spot in advance. You must also book a spot for each person bowling; your booking reserves one spot only.

Members must book a rink in advance. You can’t just show up to bowl, even if the club is not busy.

  1. Only current members who have signed the OLBA waiver may use a rink.
  2. Members may not bring guests to the club at this time.
  3. No spectators.
  4. Bring a mask to wear in the common areas of the club.
  5. When you arrive at the club, you’ll be required to sign a COVID-19 Declaration. (You may print your own blank declaration in advance.) You’ll find many other changes at the club, all intended to keep our members safe and healthy.

Have a question about Rainbowlers? Please get in touch!


The Clubhouse

525 Cosburn Ave.
East York, ON
M4J 4Y7

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