Toronto’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,
and Transgender Lawn Bowling Society


Toronto’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Lawn Bowling Society

Practice sessions now; games soon

Step 1. Renew your membership

EARLY BIRD MEMBERS: Some members prepaid for the 2020 season  with our special early bird discount. If that’s you, you don’t need to renew your membership at this time. Our membership plans, however, have been adjusted to reflect this season’s unique circumstances. We’ll be sending each of you an email soon to ask how you would like to apply your prepaid membership fees.

NEW BOWLERS: If you’re a first-year bowler, we’re not yet able to offer you the initial training you’ll need to bowl successfully. We appreciate your patience. For more information, please contact us.

LGBT BOWLERS FROM OTHER CLUBS: Many clubs have not opened yet, and we hope you’ll support your home club when it opens. In the meantime, you may be interested in our short-term June-July Membership. 

Step 2. Sign the new OLBA waiver

The OLBA is requiring all members to sign a new waiver. After you renew your membership, you’ll be directed to Cosburn’s waiver service where you can read the waiver and sign electronically. (Or you can sign the waiver at the club before you bowl.)

Step 3. Book a rink

Once you’ve signed the waiver, head to our online booking system where you can reserve a rink for practice. The system is easy to use, but we’ll offer a book-by-phone option for members too. The number to call will be provided when you renew.

Step 4. Deliver your bowls!

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon—from a safe distance!

Join us for a summer of fun on the greens

As with everything we love doing, lawn bowling has a different feel this summer—quieter and gentler. What are other summers like for Rainbowlers? This is how we roll:

If it’s Wednesday, we’re bowling
We play at 7 pm on Wednesday evenings, from mid-May through early September at Cosburn Park Lawn Bowling Club in East York. After the game, join us for a post-bowls drink on the patio at Sophie’s, the neighbourhood pub.
Special events
Along with our regular bowls games, we host open houses for new bowlers, a Pride Week event, and an end-of-season dinner. Rainbowlers members also play in-club and outside tournaments, and we’re always up for one of Cosburn’s holiday Monday events.
Who we are
Rainbowlers, The Toronto LGBT Lawn Bowling Society, is a recreational league for lesbian, gay, bi, and trans lawn bowlers.

We welcome players of all stripes and skill levels, and you can join at any time during the bowling season.

What’s included when you join Rainbowlers?
1. Rainbowlers membership
In every other summer but this one, our members enjoy:
• “Jitney” style games every Wednesday evening—you’ll never have to put a team together or find spares. (What’s a jitney?)
• Post-game socializing at Sophie’s, the pub down the street.
• Flip-Flop LGBT Lawn Bowling Tournament, North America’s first and finest LGBT lawn bowling tournament.
• More special events through the summer.
2. Cosburn Park Lawn Bowling Club membership
• Rainbowlers are full members of Cosburn Park Lawn Bowling Club.
• Feel like bowling this Tuesday? You can bowl as much as any other member. The club’s schedule is changing frequently this summer, and there are bowling opportunities on most days.
• Despite the restrictions on gathering, Cosburn remains a vibrant, caring community.
3. Ontario Lawn Bowling Association membership
• Rainbowlers are OLBA members.
• Although most tournaments have been cancelled this season, in other years you can enter OLBA-sanctioned tournaments at clubs across the province. Some of our favourites include the Royal Canadian Yacht Club’s open triples tournament in July, Milton’s bowl and curl tournament at the end of September, and any tournament at Balmy Beach.
4. Skills development
• New bowlers, you get comprehensive (but fun!) training sessions to help you progress quickly on the green.
• If you need a few pointers or some help improving your skills at any time, club-level coaches are available every Wednesday.
Are you just here for the fun, not to become the next Nick BrettDon’t worry; we strongly discourage uninvited coaching during Wednesday games. We know many people want no more coaching than some initial instruction to learn the basics.
and more!
Membership fees
2020 full-season membership
Bowls rental

* FREE for first-year bowlers!

NEW FOR 2020!

2020 short-term membership

Three sessions:
1. June–July
2. August
3. September–Thanksgiving


$40 per session. You choose which sessions you want—one, two, or all three. Our short-term membership gives you complete flexibility in uncertain times.

Bowls rental $5 per session (free for new members).


Rainbowlers play at Cosburn Park Lawn Bowling Club

For more about our host club, visit cosburnbowls.ca

Lawn bowling takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master. I’ve met so many great people at Rainbowlers!
Bradley H.

As a child, I dreamt of going to the moon. While I never got a chance, lawn bowling is a close second.
Liz H.

Socializing with a lovely group of people, drinks at a great dive bar, dirty jokes about the weight of your bowls.
Joe L.

Good bowling, everyone!

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